Natasha Lewis  
 Homeopathic Practitioner


Come in to talk about your options using homeopathy to add a needed activation of the healing capacity of your own body.  Free hour consultation in person, by phone, skype or whatsapp,


we can start immediately with the 2-3 hour initial consult for 200 dollars - feeling really good does not cost as much as you think!

Health is something many people do not believe they can reach.  We go along day to day believing that stress is from outside and if only we could change our outward stress and our lives would be better.  Actually,  stress is internal and taking ourselves out of the cycle of our internal conflict both physically and mentally moves the body into a harmony that allows it to function at optimal capacity.  Homeopathically we take your case and choose a remedy that fits your totality of symptoms and then the body re-establishes the balance without you needing to do anything!  Once we have your constitutional remdy